Thea's Kombucha Tea and Apothecary

Kombucha Tea for Vitality:

A fermented, sweet, caffeinated tea that yields billions of live probiotics that aid digestion and gut health. The natural evanescence with culture strands gives a robust taste to feel the medicine in the body. Each batch is made of organic and raw ingredients. Benefits include: Antioxidant, kills bacteria, reduces heart disease risk, aids managing type 2 diabetes and may help protect against cancer. Four flavors of herbs available, each other their respective benefits of calmness, opening the throat airways, vitamins for immune support, and aiding inflammation. Contact Sensible Communicator for flavor options that will benefit you. 

Apothecary Enhances Wellness:

Natural, non-alcohol based tinctures of herbal and plant extract medicine aid the whole body. Apothecary tinctures are ever evolving, so contact Sensible Communicator for options.

Oregano oil: An anti-fungal, antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antiviral, and an antioxidant that fights infections of fungi and yeasts (such as candida) — as well as colitis, cancer, inflammation, asthma and respiratory infections and allergies. It also balances hormones and is a women’s support medicine. It is excellent at fighting off the flu virus, colds, and even E. coli (from food poisoning). Apply two droppers full to a cup of water for 10 days.

Nose dops: A moisturizing, airway opener for dry weather or during a nearby forest fire. Peppermint oil combined with peanut oil brings a healthy hydration and clearing to the airways. Apply to drops into each nostril while holding head.

Oregano Oil