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Women are solutionaries for all

Santosha, the Sanskrit word for contentment, is created through heart-centered values to produce the authentic self.  Although one of many paths to enlightenment, yoga transforms woman, united in sisterhood, into their divine authentic purpose Tuesday, May 15 at Westside Yoga in Colorado Springs.

Since frequencies are admitted by the heart, “being able to focus on that neutral line (in yoga), you can be your authentic self, because you’re not attaching too much to what other people think of you in the physical realm. Your able to experience love and be an authentic self,” said Simran Amrita Kaur (Hailey), owner of Pure Bliss Yoga LLC (pictured included). She began yoga in 2009 to aid depression, then in 2015 yoga teacher training, and presently an online Life Force Academy with Jai Dev.  

“Woman’s bodies become so objectified in our society. We are prone to feeling like an object, such as our bodies are for making babies. It says something about how our society views womanhood. It’s as if women feel they have to have a job. Being a mom is the most important job there is. Moms are forced to go back to work without taking care of their kids. That is damaging. It is important to see as a woman our bodies are sacred, we appreciate that fact that this is our vessel and life,” she said.

Combining a heart meditation such as that of the Global Sisterhood Circle Recalling the Authentic Divine Within, in-powers woman and girls into being their truest selves. Trust is key in nurturing the divine feminine, in which Amrita Kaur notes that the yoga community has men and women alike that have nurtured her.

“Coming into my divine feminine is huge. I love this community (yoga), because it has helped me trust people again, trust myself and be in service allowing for intimacy without it being sexual,” Amrita Kaur said. “It really helps women to know they can do this. We are conditioned to believe we are limited as women. It is kind of the opposite of that. It took me a long time to get there and recognize that. Woman have power that is more encompassing.”

Distrust is learned through social constructs and environment, so the solution is to change the perception.

“Say who you are by what you have learned. Reframe from no trust to be discerning,” said Linda Lattimore, social entrepreneur, attorney, author and speaker. Lattimore mentor’s women in work that fulfills their heart while contributing to social problems that sustains them financially. Viewing poverty since age 5, her business aids suffering communities with micro finance loans.

She coined the phrase Solutionary: A disruptive innovator who creates transformational change and critical thinker that treats the root cause. One of her clients stopped working a corporate job, because she was doing yoga teacher training and wanted to “latch onto something” that would fulfill her heart.

“We cannot look forward until we look at our value proposition. Our values are based on things that matter to us based on experiences we have had and people in our life,” Lattimore said. “We end up with seven value words. We look at how we show up in the world projecting these values…one may become more authentic showing up as a whole person.”

On the same token values come to fruition through self-acceptance developed in a yoga practice.

“Yoga helps us to build values that strengthen that authenticity of self by being in touch with the subtleness,” said Amrita Kaur. “Authentic self is really being able to use your intuition and feel your heart.”

“We have these expectations of ourselves. When we are not able to meet that (a sense of duality occurs). Physically it is a practice of accepting where our body is at,” said Amrita Kaur. “I feel that yoga helps us bolster that confidence of I am right where I need to be and I just need to take a deep breath, and everything is going to be ok. Finding that wholeness of I can accept my darkness and my light.”

Amrita Kaur transformed personally through her yoga practice and is doing the same for women and men.

“Coming from me as a perfectionist, I can tell you that there is a lot of shame that comes out with not accepting yourself and your wholeness. I honor that. It is a powerful practice learning to let go of shame.”

Having a set of boundaries supports the acceptance of the self.

“Personally, in my life I have been working on how to have non-negotiables,” she said. “I think it is important that if you do not set healthy boundaries you are going to put yourself in a position to be more rigid, because you are confused. You’re not aware of what your end goal is. You become more ridged because you are uncomfortable and unable to spear of into the self. Having non-negotiables makes life easier, because you know. It is like you are creating a framework and can build off of that.”

Since emotions are impressed onto the body from experiences, the yoga practice retrains the mind and body through movements.

“I remember Charanbir Singh (Kundalini Yoga Teacher) saying a lot of the motions are helping to remap the way our neurons are firing. It helps us find new connections, neuropathways,” Amrita Kaur said.

Such emotional neuropathways construct emotions addressed in the book How Emotions are Made; The Secret Life of the Brain by Lisa Feldman Barrett, Ph.D.

“Emotions are not triggered, you create them. They emerge as a combination of the physical properties of your body, a flexible brain that wires itself to whatever environment it develops in, and your culture and upbringing which provides that environment,” Feldman writes.

Similarly, yoga movements help process these emotional impressions of the environment and culture we were raised in, and place the neurons energetic frequencies into the heart.

According to Amrita Kaur, “A lot of our energy settles in the root chakra, so people are to awaken their energy through movement or breathing, allowing that energy to travel upwards. When our energy is stuck in the lower triangle which is our solar plexus, sacral and root chakra, your energy is so attached to the Earth that you’re not able to boost out of the body – Transitioning. Your living in fear when your attached to the Earth like that.”

The embodiment practice in yoga and heart meditation allows the Earth and sky to meet balanced in the heart. Returning to mother Earth calls forth the authentic woman.

“The Earth is almost like a body in and of itself. In yoga they say ghosts are entities that have been trapped here and unable to leave the magnetic field of the Earth. There are two ways out. Down to the Earth’s core our shooting out to the stars. Both lead you to the same place, the light. Some boost out and others go inward,” Amrita Kaur said. “Using the yo-yo effect to find neutrality – that is important in any physical motion to try to find balance with the masculine and feminine. Feminine is more of all the possibilities, open and the masculine is finite and action.”

Experience yoga and the Global Sisterhood Circle Recalling the Authentic Divine Within Tuesday, May 15 at 6 p.m. at Westside Yoga. Register here or walk-in, 2502 W. Colorado Ave. Suite 212 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80904. Door code 7518. Take stairs, turn right, last door on left. Public parking behind the building on Pikes Peak Ave. Love offering.

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