Sensible Communicator

“We don’t walk alone. Ancestors and higher consciousness beings guide us,”
Thea Skinner
Sensible Communicator ©

Indigenous 7 Generation Ancestor Healing is:

Sensible Communicator’s practices cultivate centeredness within a being’s vessel to sense the love of higher consciousness beings and ancestors surrounding them. Sensible Communicator© facilitates a being’s love connection to all of creation, ancestors and guides. A sense of belonging and support becomes a being’s lifeforce directed through ancestors and guides.  

As Above, So Below:

Means “what happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level (mirco and the macro)” – 

Direction provided by ancestors and guides are bound by Universal Law and Creator that once asked for guidance a response is given. Love and support are desires of human beings and etheric ancestors. For this reason, connecting with ancestors and guides creates a bridge of belonging between Earth and etheric. This rainbow bridge of unity consciousness lives inside and outside of human beings connecting all of creation.